Emily Gibson, 18, England.
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"Eating isn’t very Chanel".

You know what else isn’t very Chanel? Dry, split hair, flaky skin, kidney failure, heart attacks, seizures, bad teeth, brittle nails, loss of menstrual cycle, hair loss, liver problems and even fucking paralysis. 

Stop glamorizing eating disorders and teaching girls that they need to risk their health or even their lives to be skinny and fit society’s definition of beautiful. 


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I’ve never done this before, and there will be blood. ”

Lisbeth. Gods, I don’t even know where to start with Lisbeth, I’ve been compared to her since people in my life started reading the books and the comparisons only came back when the movies came out. I’ve wanted to do a lisbeth shoot for a very long time and the perfect opportunity arose here. The motorcycle was my dad’s, he passed away in November and had always told me he wanted me to have the bike so here we are - me, the bike and a hell of a lot of leather.

Srsly guys. Anyone else cosplay Lisbeth? Cause Lisbeth party!!!

Damn hot. damn spot on! and that BIKE! <3 *swoons*

Awww thanks, and back at ya on your Lisbeth!

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